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TikLeads launches to unlock the full power of TikTok Lead Ads


January, 2023

TikTok is growing fast. Very fast. In fact, it is already the #1 social media on Earth, and hence the #1 platform to run your ads. Over a year ago, Tiktok launched Leads generation ads with TikTok Instant Pages, as Facebook did back in the days. And the popularity of this feature for marketers has only been incresing since then.
What is TikLeads?

TikLeads is a service allowing you to send your TikTok Leads anywhere you want, instantly. Anytime someone fills a TikTok Instant Page, TikLeads sends the information about the leads...

  • ...To your CRM

  • ...To a spreadsheet

  • ...To whatsapp

  • ...To a any app you want

Why using TikLeads?

TikLeads was built by a marketing agency because existing tools were charging 70$/month for such a simple task, and were not optimized for leads creation and eventually sales.

  • Tiktok has two official partners to send leads: Zapier (70$/m) and LeadsBridge (29$/m). Why paying so much?

  • Surveys show that a fresh lead needs to be contacted in the next 5 minutes after filling the form. Why waiting?

  • More than notifications, TikLeads was created by an agency to help you close deals and optimize pixel data. Why settling for less?

How does TikLeads work?

Setup takes 25 seconds. You simply connect your TikTok account on TikLeads, and TikLeads can retreive and send leads from all the Advertiser accounts your TikTok account has access to.

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